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Aligned and Alive

Feb 12, 2018


Episode 2: The "Anti-Diet" Diet with Jocelyn Zahn

002_ The Anti-Diet Diet with Jocelyn Zahn

"We can have positive and negative relationships with food. But a pizza for example is not inherently bad. From my perspective that is just giving the pizza so much power and i just feel that the power should be with the individual" -Jocelyn Zahn

In this episode, we talk with holistic health coach Jocelyn Zahn on her journey from orthorexia and into self-love. She also shares her struggles with depression and how she manages her mental health holistically. 

Some highlights include: 

  • How to help a friend with orthorexia or how to start helping yourself if you think you may have it
  • Why wellness and health looks different for everyone
  • How to help another friend with depression
  • How can someone who doesn’t have a mental illness  be an advocate for mental illness

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