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Aligned and Alive

Feb 13, 2018


Episode 3: Sex After Trauma with Rachael Maddox

003_ Sex after Trauma with Rachael Maddox

Rachael Maddox is a trauma resolution educator, coach, and guide. In this episode we discuss:

1:30 Trauma as a violation hangover

430 Defining the range of trauma

7:30 Violation dysregulates our connection to the healthy thing

[bctt tweet="Neglect dysregulates our connection to a sense of healthy worthiness - I am worthy of love and belonging…"]

8:30 So it creates a hyper or a hypo response

10:30 Using affirmations -- affirmations are something that flower after deep work has been done. You can’t start on the outside and force the change on the inside

11:30 Body based trauma work - asking your body what it needs to feel physically and emotionally safe

13:00 Boundaries and Belonging Game-

[bctt tweet="The reason we don’t say no is because we think it’s going to kick us out of connection"]

18:00 How setting boundaries has changed her friendships

21:00 What happens if we don’t heal from trauma

It’s ok to trust your sense of readiness or not readiness instead of forcing yourself to go into unsafe territory

24:00 How to help a friend or loved one who has gone through trauma

[bctt tweet="Our bodies have a natural blueprint of health. People’s resistance in the world of trauma is trustworthy resistance."]

27:40 First steps to heal from trauma...tune in with your body. If my body were in charge of my healing, where would it take me?

29:40 Feeling safe enough to fall apart

[bctt tweet="Sometimes trauma healing starts when it’s safe enough, sometimes it happens when its bad enough"]

32:00 Rachael’s thoughts on the #MeToo movement

33:00 Collective trauma, women are really investing in their healing...lots of healing to be had between the sexes

35:00 Tools for healing from collective trauma...self-regulation

36:45 Ecstatic dance - Five Rhythms Gabrielle Roth- flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical, stillness. Each rhythm you access a different part of yourself 

40:00 Teaching consent in a group setting

45:00 how to teach consent to teenagers

48:30 Sex After Trauma book

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