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Aligned and Alive

Aug 28, 2018

This week I turn the tables on my husband Matt and ask him all the things about relationships...some of the goodies include:

How living in 60 sq feet has affected our relationships
Distracting yourself with schedules and routines
Do we fight more in the van or did we fight more when we lived in a house?

Follow our adventures and money musings:


Other goodies in this episode:

How we process our feelings differently, and how we learned to understand each other
Why we think millennials are not staying in longer term relationships
Expectation Hangovers- how to avoid them when dating
Are we soulmates? Do soulmates exist?
Are relationships hard? Whats the number one thing you should look for in a relationship?
When did we know we were "the one" for each other...
How to know if someone is ready for a relationship or not
Where we would recommend finding a partner
How we met
Value of a long term relationship
Open relationships and our thoughts on them
Money and how to talk about it with your spouse
Why talking about money is so hard
How we plan to help people with get out of debt