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Aligned and Alive

Jul 17, 2018

In this conversation we unpack what it means to slow down, how to deal with negative thought patterns, simplifying your life, and journaling to discover your purpose with transformational coach Char Lekx.

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Village Mama Podcast

Jul 10, 2018

Mackenzie Rosman was once a childhood actor on the popular TV show 7th heaven, and now she’s chasing her dreams to ride horses professionally. We chat about what it was like being a childhood actor, making friends while in the spotlight, expectations placed on herself to succeed. Mackenzie also shares about...

Jul 3, 2018

How to make an online dating profile that is an authentic reflection of you

What to do if you’re struggling with actually meeting people IRL from online dating

Her favorite way to start a conversation with a new prospect

How to change your mindset around dating

What quality dealbreakers are and what they aren’t!


Jul 2, 2018

What is reiki- how to experience it, what its origins are

How to share your current spiritual journey with family members who may not be supportive

Navigating the transition from child to adult with parental relationships

What is Tarot card reading and where does it come from

When we numb the pain, we numb the joy

Jun 19, 2018

On this episode, we talk about her own transformational journey, from numbing with drugs and alcohol to finding meditation and solving her problems internally instead of externally. We talk about going from the victim consciousness to the survivor to the thriver consciousness and what that looks like practically. We...