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Aligned and Alive

Apr 24, 2018

Jessica Leigh Lyons is a life coach, writer, and facilitator in the Twin Cities area. As a former teacher with some improv + storytelling in her back pocket, she helps folks create an Internal Compass to navigate big and small life decisions. In addition, she created a sold out storytelling series called SoulSpeak,...

Apr 16, 2018


Episode 13: 28 Lessons in 28 Years

Copy of Pinterest Erica

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Today's episode is a little different. In honor of her 28th birthday, Alli shares with us 28 lessons she's learned in the past 28 years. Things get deep, things get silly, you know, the...

Apr 10, 2018

Erica is an attorney by day and a health and wellness blogger and podcaster by night. She gives us some tips on how to switch over to a healthier, non-toxic lifestyle. She shares with us how networking in the blogger space and how that has affected her business. 

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Apr 3, 2018

  • Maggie’s catalyst for going into financial coaching
  • Addressing mindset + psychology around money
  • How to release shame + fear around money
  • Practical tips for people who struggle with overspending
  • Why is it so important for women to be empowered in their finances
  • Favorite Budgeting Apps: Mint, Clarity Money, Old school...